~ Beaufort Shag Club ~

  • 2:41
  • Taking Chances2:24
  • 3:49
  • 3:45
  • eenie meenie miny moe3:23
  • It's You3:18
  • Motor Under The Hood3:13
  • You Are3:23
  • 2:46
  • Love of a Lifetime3:40
  • Heart to Heart3:23
  • Do You Really Love Me2:52
  • Boogie_Woogie.3:05
  • Do You Really Love Me2:52

These are the latest and greatest events coming up next.  You really outta' try and make these.  Great fun, nice folks, and as always....good dancing.

See the full newsletter for the complete description of events on the Club calendar.  The following are some of the highlights.

And as always:  We dance every Wednesday and the 2nd Saturday of each month at AMVETS, 1831 Ribaut Rd, Port Royal, SC


October 22nd - Picnic at The Log Cabin

Events & Flyers